The iPhone 5C, as reported by The Onion

Confused Apple fans and detractors were drawn to a “report” by The Onion, which ran a story touching up on a new iPhone model Apple is said to have just rolled out – the iPhone 5C.

Given how gadget makers like Apple and Samsung have been adamant in rolling out new products on a more frequent basis, the report takes a swing at a new hypothetical iPhone 5C handset, one that comes with a “pre cracked display”.

iPhone 5c
Hitting on “college girls”, The Onion notes that the new iPhone 5C is already pre cracked, which means that college girls no longer have to get a new iPhone 5 and crack it by themselves.

Though there haven’t been reports of college girls known to frequently damage their iPhone 5 mobiles, the report shares an actual truth with many can relate to: nearing the end of its report, the video notes that “The company says its next iPhone will be primarily geared toward dads, and is preprogrammed to call you anytime they have a question about the iPhone.”

As an entity, The Onion has long held a reputation for spoofs, with various sketches that touch up on entertainment news, politics and current events. It doesn’t come as strange to see it do a spoof that delves into consumer technology news.

In its latest “iPhone 5C scoop”, The Onion has managed to prove that it still hasn’t lost its touch, given how much attention their report is raking in.

The question now is, what does The Weekly World News have to say about the matter?

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