The iPhone 5’s Scrolling “glitch”

Just as complaints regarding the hardware builds of Microsoft’s Surface have come up, a “glitch” involving the iPhone 5 stands as a corollary contrast to the Microsoft-made tablet’s problem.

Initially reported by CMA Megacorp, an established iOS app development firm, the “glitch” is said to take place when users swipe the screen up or down, leaving it to simply “ignore” or hang up from the quick swipe gestures.

While this may not really come as a huge downside in terms of mobile smartphone operability, the issue can considerably be an issue when games or other quick-rapid movement requirements are being talked about.

Given the iPhone 5’s status as a premier smartphone model, it has to be said that something like this should not be expected from such a high profile item.

CMA Megacorp initially announced the glitch through its Twitter Account, quoted to say that if one “slides finger back and forth diagonally on screen, input events drop out or stop altogether.”

Recombu, a UK-based product comparison entity, in following after CMA Megacorp’s revelation, took it upon themselves to test and see what’s up with the iPhone 5’s “screen swiping glitch”. The Recombu website notes that the same issue can be found in the iPhone 4S, either running on iOS 6 or on iOS 6.0.1.

Though no major complains covering the “glitch” have been raised en banc by Apple users, it has to be said that the hardware issue could prove to be a problem point when quick gestures and swipes are required for certain apps and/or function commands.

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