The iPhone and its Eco-Friendly Status

Though the “eco-friendly” status or production standard is not exactly a highlight which most electronic consumers are keen on looking at when talking about picking out a phone, iFixit and Healthy Stuff note that the iPhone – particularly the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 – are among the most eco-friendly of smartphone options out in the market today.

Comparing the degrees of toxic chemicals found in thirty six different mobile phones, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 were revealed to have the least amount of chemicals which are classified as toxic.

The iPhone and its Eco-Friendly Status
With the study being spearheaded by iFixit, the group based its chemical analysis on studies conducted by Utilizing x-ray fluorescence spectrometric analysis tool, the study worked with a working scale of 0 being the least and 5 being the highest, then ranked them in an “overall” toxicity standard.

Hazardous materials being analyzed for included lead, mercury, bromine, as well as analysis geared on determining a device’s individual component factors/variables.

Based on the study’s analysis results, the iPhone 4S rated as score of 2.69, while the iPhone 5 got a 2.75. The top eco-friendly product, however, wasn’t any of the iPhones but Motorola’s Citrus, which rated as score of 2.56.

Oddly enough, the smartphone with the worst rated score is the iPhone 2G, which essentially garnered 5 points, maxing out the study’s “overall” toxicity ranking standard.

Included in the list of more eco-friendly inclined mobiles were the Samsung Evergreen, Samsung Captivate and the LG Remarq.

The Nokia N95, Palm m124 and Motorolla W233 managed to rate an average score of 4.5/or below.

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