The “iSteve” parody biopic by Funny or Die

With the release date delays of the “Jobs” biopic focusing on the life of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, Funny or Die’s “iSteve” holds the distinction of being the first film to touch up on the life of one of the world’s most successful IT-players after his deminse in 2011.

“iSteve” parody biopic by Funny or DieFeaturing Justin Long playing the title role of the film, “iSteve” also features Jorge Garcia, James Urbaniak, and Michaela Watkins. The parody biopic is directed by Ryan Perez, and stands out in being the longest running Funny or Die project to date, running close to 80 minutes.

Obviously, Justin Long’s participation in the old “I’m a Mac” advertisements played a significant role in crediting him in playing the parody biopic’s titular role.

Originally, the film was set for release last Monday, but following after the reports of the Boston Marathon bombing, the Funny or Die comedy website opted to push back its release date to a day later.

While a parody film, “iSteve’s” run time is quite impressive, with its 1 hour and 18 minute-long run standing at par with the run times of most theatrical releases.

Though not exactly accurate in telling the trials and troughs which Steve Jobs had encountered as the co-founder and CEO of Apple, “iSteve” covers inside-industry jokes and social commentaries, not downplaying Jobs’ status as one of the IT industry’s legendary visionaries.

For those who wish to see “iSteve”, head down Funny or Die’s site. The film may not exactly be as high profiled as the “Jobs” biopic is advertised to be, but it does capture a “Steve Jobs element” that is not all that bad.

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