The Last 5 out of the Top Ten paid iPhone Apps

In case you still did not know, just this Monday, the Apple Store released a list of the top 10 paid iPhone apps. Gave you a sneak peek of the first five and here are the last set from 6 to 10.
Last 5 out of the Top Ten paid iPhone Apps
6. NFL Kicker 13 (Full Fat) – This is an oh-so-awesome app for NFL fans out there. Bagging the top 6 just proves that multitude of fans would want to experience the pomp and glory of being the NFL’s top kicker. The star of the show is ready to take ultimate kicking game by storm. This amazing app makes you become a pro Kicker which is proudly brought to you by the makers of Flick Sports Games.

7. Rayman Jungle Run (Ubisoft) – Well, who can’t resist Rayman Jungle Run? Powered by the same, UbiArt Framework engine that made Rayman Origins, comes a classic and exhilarating game that is artistically made for mobile gaming. Many Rayman Originals have not faltered in availing this app brings it to the top 7 this week.

8. Angry Birds Space (Rovio Entertainment Ltd) – The number one mobile conquers space! An action packed adventure with brand new birds and super powers make this app still a major hit, taking on the 8th slot in the top ten. More and more iPhone users are joining this galactic experience with the Angry Birds Space.

9. iTranslate Voice (Sonico GmbH) – One of the most unique and user friendly word translation software on the market, iTranslate has grabbed the top 9 because of its usefulness and functionality. Imagine what it is like to know the exact interpretation of a word in another language. No need to contact a linguist, iTranslate does it successfully.

10. Camera+ (tap tap tap) – Proven to be the best camera for iPhone, once again, Camera + has gained momentum and has landed the top ten in the list. The update version at 3.5 definitely makes one shoot like a pro!


  1. The emphasis on in-app purchases is a little annoying, but the game itself is fun enough to overcome the drawbacks. If we were hired to serve as refs for this game– and given the current lockout, that might just happen– we’d shoot our arms in the air and call, “It’s good!”

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