The Lets Talk iPhone event has finally started .. Follow updates on SmashiPhone

Tim Cook started his first launch conference by telling press about the history of the Hall they were sat in, named the Town Hall. As there was introduced the first iPod and the first MacBook, which in his own words changed the way people listened to music (for the iPod) and changed the way people thought about computers (for the MacBook).

Quoted from one of the press members there on Tim’s style of introduction:

“In case you’re wondering, Tim’s style is a bit more subtle than Steve’s, a bit more understated.”

They go on and on about how great Apple is how great the iPhone and the iPad and even the iPod are… we know all that we want to the juicy news that everyone is waiting for.

Don’t go anywhere you will find everything you need to know right here at .. stay tuned.

Pic from engadget.