The LG G Watch: LG’s answer to Samsung’s smartwatch offerings

It’s no secret that smartwatches have grown to become a huge hit in the consumer electronics space as a relatively new product class.

From Pebble to Samsung, other brands like Motorola have also been keen on showing off their smartwatch offerings in the past couple of months, with LG being one of the most recent to do so with the G Watch.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, LG confirmed that the G Watch will be available by July this year, though detailed specifics regarding the device’s internal specifications haven’t been clear. However, it is revealed that it would roughly price somewhere in the $300 price range.

LG G watch

Based on Pocket-lint’s take on the matter, the G Watch will come in interchangeable straps, a feature which those who are keen on customizing the look of their watches would certainly like to have. Also, the G Watch is expected to be driven by Google’s new watch UI and software-base, further immersing users into the Google’s take on how mobile ecosystems should be.

In previous posts we covered Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch, and based on that particular smartwatch’s looks, LG’s G Watch doesn’t really come as appealing to us here at Smashiphone.

Samsung’s Gear 2 also doesn’t really come as appealing to us, in line of the Moto 360 no-nonsense classic wristwatch form, albeit this is simply a matter of design bias.

What say you, dear reader? Between Samsung’s Gear 2, LG’s G Watch, Pebble’s smartwatch offerings and Motorola’s Moto 360, which smartwatch are you most likely going to strap around your wrist?

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