The Lumen – An iOS-controlled lightbulb

As it is no secret that today’s smartphone standards have effectively changed the way digital content is delivered to end users, the functional benefits of smartphones is also known to extend to other areas, from smartphones being used as scanners, to mobiles being used as a means of storing volumes of data.

The use of smartphones in controlling lightbulbs doesn’t strike as a basic smartphone feature, but one brand successfully shows that they can, with a unique lightbulb offering.

The Lumen Smart Bulb
The Lumen Smart Bulb

Developed by Lumenation Inc, the Lumen Smart Bulb is an interesting lightbulb, one which can be “operated” with the use of an iOS app.

With multi-color features and a lumens generation value rated at 400 lumens, the LED bulb gives out the white light equivalent rating of a standard 60 watt bulb, but only consumes one-tenth of that power for its effective operation.

Developed with Bluetooth 4 connectivity capabilities, the Lumen Smart Bulb can be controlled via an iOS device, one which can be configured to adjust to different moods and settings, as well as readily allow users to control the bulb’s basic on and off controls.

Dimmable with red, green, blue and white hues, the bulb can be easily set on “Party Mode” using an iOS device, as users could easily activate its “Sleep” or “Wake” modes. Activating its “Ambience” mode can also be easily achieved, easily creating a soft-light mood that is fit for lounging about, all controllable though one’s iOS mobile device.

Though the prevalence of Bluetooth-based connections isn’t something new, the Lumen Smart Bulb stands out as a unique item, one which extends the operational possibilities of portable iDevices.

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