The LuxePad 9100 by Genius

As a leader in the computer peripherals and accessories industry, Genius is a brand which has become synonymous with mice and pointing devices, along with showcasing a wide range of electronic consumer products, including 2.1 channel speaker systems, digital scanners, performance enhanced keyboards and more.

Recently, Genius unveiled its latest human input device for portable gadets like the iPad – the LuxePad 9100.

Bluetooth-capable, the LuxePad 9100 is essentially a portable keyboard system made to complement with the iPad’s portable feature, measuring only 1.75 cm thick!

With a leather-made protective case, the LuxePad 9100’s case construction allows users to treat iPad tablets as “monitors” or “sreens”, facilitating the conventional setup of a mobile computer system with its use, enhancing mobile productivity to higher standards and delivery expectations.

Apart from its lightweight and thin form factors, the LuxePad 9100 is also buit to be convenient, with an easy to use “CONNECT” button which handles all the connection and connectivity procedures and process involved in its use with iPad tablets.

With a physical power on/off switch, the device is a must have item for those who do heavy writing, from the authoring of emails to the generation of reports.

Ideal in creation a mobile workstation out of solo iPad tablet setups, the LuxePad 9100 is perfect when users are traveling, practical in airplane or train seat setups and conditions.

The iPad, as a tablet, remains to be a revolutionary gadget, one which has paved the way for the tablet industry into being. Though fully-featured as a device, its lack for a physical keyboard has left many iPad users contending with its touch screen interface, which actually works for most users.

For those who just can’t seem to work without the tactile feel of buttons and key strokes, dedicated keyboards for iPads are must-have accessories, and in the population of such devices, Genius’ LuxePad 9100 is one product which surely deserves your attention.

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