The Netbook forecasted to see its end by 2015

We talked about how the end of the netbook’s days are looming in a previous post, noting how two of the world’s biggest makers of netbooks – Asus and Acer – had decided to ditch their production of the product class.

New figures based on IHS iSuppli’s research had recently come up, giving a date as to when exactly the netbook’s forecasted end of days would be.

Netbook forecastedIn a report published by the LA Times, IHS iSuppli’s data indicates that the netbook’s end would come by 2015. It is noted that newer mobile portable computing devices like Apple’s iPad are the primary cause for the decline of interest in netbooks.

A retrospective look at IHS iSuppli’s figures shows that there were 32.14 million netbook units shipped in 2010, which is also the same year on which the iPad hit major retail markets.

The figures for netbooks have since declined, with only 3.97 million units forecasted to be the final number for 2013, with the decline essentially noting the huge chances of the netbook no longer being released as new products by 2015.

Given that the PC industry has experienced a huge decline of interest from electronic consumers, advanced tablets like the iPad 4 and iPad Mini are essentially viewed to be the huge contributing factors to the case.

Even with new updates and enhancements for the PC-product line, the popularity of tablets as the now-preferred mobile computing gadgets remains to be.

Though the odds of the PC itself coming to an end isn’t all that likely, its derivative netbook line is certainly seeing its upcoming end, with new tablets and phtablet options dominating the scene.

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