The new Angry Birds Stella to roll out “in the fall of this year”

If there’s to be a definitive “champion” in the mobile gaming space, Rovio Entertainment holds a certain distinction in causing for the world’s massive interest for elementally simple but thoroughly engaging games.

Makers of the internationally well-loved Angry Birds franchise, Rovio recently announced a new upcoming version of the series, this time featuring a titular character named “Stella”.

Though its announcement is not exactly detailed, the new Angry Birds Stella is announced to roll out “in the fall of the year”, to feature a new set of challenges for players who will be tasked to come up with “creative solutions” to solve each level of the game.


Based on Rovio’s descriptions of the game – albeit vague – Angry Birds Stella is expected to be more focused in puzzle solving strategies, as opposed to the siege and destroy tactics involved in previous Angry Birds releases.

As an upcoming Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Stella is described by Rovio as a promising “big adventure”, which has led to different speculations regarding what this new Angry Birds game title would be about.

Considering that the franchise has taken a hand in veering away from its original gameplay premise in the Mario Kart-inspired Angry Birds Go, speculations branding the title to come with RPG-esque gameplay features have been up and about, matched by the Finnish company’s intention of strengthening the Angry Birds’ franchise beyond the bounds of mobile gaming.

Think the new Angry Birds Stella’s going to highlight is own role playing-inspired storyline? Or will it remain to be the same as Angry Birds Seasons, Star Wars and Go?

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