The New Dropbox

Dropbox recently rolled out an updated version of the iOS version of the suite, focusing on a completely new design intended to mirror the design ethos of the new iOS 7.

To be clear, the suite’s interface positioning essentially remains untouched, with the “flat” look simply being donned as the more obvious design-specific change in the update.

Apart from sporting a new iOS 7-inspired look, the new Dropbox comes with support for the new AirDrop function featured in iOS 7, allowing users a means of conveniently sending files from one iOS 7-driven device to another via short range transfer protocols.
The integrated support for AirDrop certainly comes as a welcome edge for those keen on maximizing Dropbox capacities as a data sharing junction point, apart from maximizing Dropbox cloud-storage based functions.

The new version also comes with enhanced updates for PDF viewing/reading, and also comes with functional streamlined enhancements for iPads, apart from bug fixes and general app enhancements geared for better app performance.

Though far from being a thorough overall of the app itself, the new Dropbox’s look is not only limited to the iOS version of the app, with its Android variant also donning a more-or-less colorless user interface feel that simply screams “flat”.

In living up to Apple’s new design ethos in the iOS 7, Dropbox users who haven’t updated their Dropboxes yet are sure to gain better user experiences after the update.

Have you given the new Dropbox a go? What do you have to say about it, all in all?

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