The new Foursquare for the iOS

A new version of Foursquare for the iOS was recently rolled out, heralding significant changes which the successful location-based social network is intent on implementing.

Foursquare for the iOSOfficially known as Foursquare version 5.5, the new app enhances the experience iPhone users can attain with the suite, with an improved Explorer pane that allows for on the fly discovery, as well as comparison, of places and venues.

In the new version, users can easily find pertinent information about establishments, with support for quick business name-base queries and category-specific searches. With category headers based on “art”, “nightlife”, “coffee”, “shopping” and more, users of the new Foursquare can easily find what they are looking for, without going through unnecessary runarounds that lead to dead ends.

Also, apart from an updated Explorer pane, the new Foursquare 5.5 allows for quick rating procedures, as well as simplifies the search or top rated venues nearby.

Places and venues which are “trending” are made easier to discover with the new Foursquare, something which Foursquare users and business establishments themselves would greatly benefit from, given that there have been a number of venues which became superstars through recommendations and suggestions issued by Foursquare users.

Given the success of Foursquare’s location-based social network premise, the software/service has steadily gained traction as an appealing source for relevant information about local venues, highlights and even occasions.

The new and Foursquare for the iOS, proves to showcase enhancements and improvements in its overall scope and premise as a must-install app for iPhone users.

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