The new iTunes 11.0.3 with MiniPlayer and an improved Songs View

A new version of iTunes was recently released by Apple, featuring the new MiniPlayer and improvements for Songs View.

Officially dubbed as iTunes 11.0.3, the new media suite’s MiniPlayer comes with a progress bar and content artwork frame, enhancing its visual and playback data aspects as a multi-functional media player.

Apart form MiniPlayer, the new iTunes also highlights enhanced support for multi-disc albums, which defines them as single disc albums resolving concerns delving into disorganized music libraries and archives.

In terms of its archiving and organizing features, the updated version also comes with library improvements, designed to be more robust in handling large iTunes collections.

Earlier this year, Apple rolled out iTunes 11.0.2 in February, highlighting “Composers” view as its more notable features. “Composers” view essentially allows for real-time speed and reliability upgrades, making it a relevant addition to the roster of features showcased by the media player and media library management suite.

iTunes 11 was released last year in November, standing out as a thorough overhaul of the iTunes multimedia suite. Integration to Apple’s iCloud online storage services and enhanced storefront functionalities were among the more groundbreaking improvements of the version.

As a multi-functional multimedia playback, organization and purchasing tool, iTunes has played a significant role in the way digital content is distributed to target markets. Global in its operational scope, the new iTunes 11.0.3 continues to enthuse the very variables which had inspired the first iTunes version into being.

Have you given the new iTunes 11.0.3 a go? What do you think? Is it, by far, the best iteration of the multimedia suite?

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