The New Login With Amazon API

Amazon recently rolled out the new “Login With Amazon API”, with its move essentially viewed as the online retail giant’s bid in expanding its digital presence.

At its core, the API allows for quick and convenient access to Amazon’s featured services, developed as an option from where third party developers could easily facilitate the access control commands required in Amazon-related transactions.3

The New Login With Amazon API
By rolling out the new “Login With Amazon” API, the company essentially makes a stake at the domains currently being treaded on by other IT industry giants like Apple and Google, along with other players such as Facebook and Twitter. Apart from its Amazon-centered login capacities, the new API also has ties with Woot and Zappos, with both entities being subsidiaries of Amazon.

Based on reports from Amazon, close to 40% of Zappos’ new customer base opted to login via “Login with Amazon”, as twice that number of Woot customers opted to use the “Login with Amazon” API.

While a new API doesn’t exactly come as “breaking news”, it has to be said that Amazon has certainly gone far from simply being an online retail giant, with a huge number of its services currently extending and expanding to areas beyond the online retail giant scope.

Add the fact of Amazon rumored to be thinking up of rolling out its own HD and glasses-free 3D smartphone, it appears that Apple has another competitor to watch out for, apart from Android and Samsung.

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