The New Whited00r 7

Owners of older gen iPhones and iPod touch units are sure to love the latest release of Whited00r, one of the world’s most well received third-party developed custom iOS firmware options up and about.

Specially made for the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, the iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G, the new Whited00r 7 sports an updated user interface, one which is anchored on the visual design esthetics of iOS 7, apart from featuring additional enhancements designed for better user customization and device control.

Whited00r 7

Developed by a team of like-minded developers and beta testers, the firmware is essentially a modified version of Apple’s iOS 3 – the original iOS version that was built for old gen iDevices – made available to old gen iDevice owners for free.

With a range of additional functions, features and enhancements put on top of a “base” iOS 3 platform, the latest Whited00r 7 has been well received by its active followers, given how thorough and well-made it is, maximizing the hardware capabilities of a given iDevice without sacrificing its overall performance and general battery life.

Given the fact that Apple had already dropped any further support for older gen iPhones and iPod Touch units, the owners old iPhones and iPod Touch units can breathe new life into their handhelds using the custom Whited00r 7 firmware.

To be clear, Whited00r 7 is still is an iOS 3 firmware, but it does however come with new feature sets like support for multitasking and pushed notifications, sure to be of functional use to those with old gen iPhones and iPod Touch handhelds.

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