The Next iPad: “Significantly lighter and slimmer”

The sentiments of Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, have become quite popular of late, touching up on how “significantly lighter and slimmer” the next iPad incarnation will be.

Already dubbed by different online sites, forums and message boards as the “iPad 5”, Kuo notes that the new iPad is bound to focus on narrower border designs, a directive which is steeped from the overall design convention found in the iPad Mini.

ipad mini
Kuo also notes that the next “iPad 5” should be seen by the third quarter of 2013, which essentially contradicts other circulating rumors noting that the next iPad is to be expected by March.

In 2012, Apple launched a total of three iPads model variants in the iPad 3, which was followed by the release of the iPad Mini then the iPad 4. The release of the iPad Mini wasn’t exactly considered to be surprising, given that it rolled out some six months after the iPad 3 was unveiled.

Apart from touching up on the “significantly lighter and slimmer” form factor of the next iPad, Kuo also predicts that an update of the iPad Mini is bound to come out in 2013, with the said update to sport Apple’s fabled Retina display.

Also, contrary to the general assumptions of most, Kuo doesn’t see Apple launching a full-fledged TV line in 2013, but he notes that the Cupertino-based brand would most likely offer an update to the Apple TV set-top box device, with the availability of an Apple HDTV to become a possibility by 2014.

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