The Retina Effect

With Retina Displays being a hot topic among Mac fans, talk about its implementation into the next generation of Macs is rife, with analysts reportedly indicating that LCD’s of Retina display caliber are actually present in current supply chains.

However, their implementation will come with a cost if taken from suppliers, rating as high as $92 on top of the price of regular displays.

Richard Shim, Senior Analyst, DisplaySearch, notes that “Retina class” LCD’s measuring 13.3 and 15.4 inches are present options from LCD suppliers, but its use on a 15-inch MacBook Pro would tag a $160 rate, while its regular counterparts would cost $68 from suppliers.

13-inchers would rake in a $134 rate from suppliers if “Retina class” LCD’s were to be used. A number of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gadgets are known to sport Retina displays, but their price isn’t exactly all that high compared to previous incarnations of the gadgets.

With MacBooks though, there’s still no indication if prices will be significantly higher if “Retina-class” LCD displays are to be used in their construction.

With reports talking about Apple’s intent in launching slimmer MacBook Pros, the report falls in with the annually held Worldwide Developers Conference to happen this June. Needless to say, rumors tell of thinner MacBook Pros with Retina Displays to be featured during the event, along with the use of the latest Ivy Bridge Processors by Intel.

Also, the next generation of MacBook Pros are rumored to ditch optical reader drives, as well as to sport SSD type hard drives for faster processing speed and better hard drive storage reliability.

There’s even talk of Apple soon to discontinue its 17 inch Macbook Pro line, to feature only 13 and 15 inch models in the days ahead.

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