The Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer by Runtastic

As an application suite for iOS devices, Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer can’t be described as “all new”, but it does prove to offer unique service offerings and advantages to its users.

Essentially designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer does the job of a road cycling performance application efficiently, negating the need for dedicated counters and performance trackers, making things easy for Apple mobile device users.

Road Bike Pro
The Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer

With more than 50 features, Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer simplifies the tracking and performance assessment needs of bikers.

Designed with cyclists specifically in mind, the app comes with support for pros and amateur cyclists alike, with life tracking capacities on stats and performance ratings touching up on altitude, speed, time, distance and calories.

When used with complementary hardware, the app suite can also track heart rate stats, as well as cadence measurement.

Comprehensive in the delivery of information and data, the suite also comes with access-features to weather and wind data, making it relevant not just as a tracker, but also as a reliable information data pool hosting relevant data.

Mapping services are also featured highlights of the app suite, providing bikers with detailed maps and “map histories” that are matched with performance stats such as speed and time. With built-in support for voice feedbacks, users could also set the app to notify them of performance expectations, as well as automatically “issue” motivational messages to help them accomplish their goals.

For cyclists, professional or otherwise, Road Bike Pro Cycling Computer is one must-have application.

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