The Updated Flickr for iOS – Should Instagram be worried?

In line with Yahoo’s recent string of updates for its web-based services, the iOS version of the Flickr app – Yahoo’s photo sharing service suite – recently rolled out with an update, one bearing significant changes that pegs it as a direct competitor to Instagram, as well as a competitor to Apple’s reported Camera app (in the upcoming iOS7 update).

Updated FlickrKnown as version 2.20.1134, the new Flickr app version essentially adds “filter” effects options for users, working on the “live filters” dynamic which has become a huge hit for mobile users, allowing them to “preview” how a particular filter would look before users snap photos.

Apart from the new filter effects, the new Flickr app also comes with support for the customization of already installed filters, which basically means that Flickr app users can “tweak” a photo’s composition via focus locks, exposure controls and more.

The updated Flickr app also comes with support for cropping, enhancing and sharpening photo editing options, giving it a “professional editing tool” edge all in one.

While Instagram is currently integrating support for short video sharing into its featured services, the new updated Flickr app can be described as Yahoo playing catch-up.

In the Apple-end of things, the upcoming Camera app of the to be launched iOS7 is reported to come with live filter features, with many convinced that the move is essentially tantamount to Apple also playing catch-up with Instagram.

Long story short, with Yahoo updating its Flickr app for iOS and Apple itself reported to be updating its Camera app too, a question has been raised: Should Instagram be worried?

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