The Upsides of the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

The iPhone has doubtlessly changed the way electronic consumers stay and keep in touch with each other, providing communication options via SMS, mobile phone calls, and internet driven communication avenues.

But did you know that the iPhone can be more than just a communication tool?

The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock comes in as a stellar example as to how.

BP Stats on the Spot with the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

Simply put, the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock is a digital sphygmomanometer, one which is designed to work and interact with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Combining hardware and software features and benefits, users can readily take blood pressure rates through the device, as its bundled app is designed to easily archive records based on personalized user accounts and database records.

The app also features support for fast data retrieval and sending via e-communication avenues, making it a way in which doctors and patients can regularly keep in touch with each other.

With a virtually unlimited capacity in storing records, users can also synchronize blood pressure records between handheld data with that of data stored in Macbooks, increasing the functional records keeping benefits featured by the app/device combo.

As an added plus feature, the device also doubles as a dock-charger for mobile devices, enhancing its functionality beyond simply being a digital sphygmomanometer. Hailed for being the first of its kind to work with various iDevices, the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock brings new heights in the release and development of bio-metrics recording devices, adding a practical benefit to those with on-hand Apple iDevices.

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