The Woes of Microsoft’s Surface against the iPad

A featured report from Apple Insider raises an interesting point about Microsoft’s Surface, the brand’s first tablet device produced and released to the general mass market.

The report, essentially talks about how the company doesn’t have a “backup plan”, based on the sentiments of Microsoft CFP (Chief Financial Officer) Peter Klein.

The Woes of Microsoft’s Surface against the iPad
During his talk at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference this week, Klein essentially dismissed the idea that Microsoft should be drafting out alternative courses of action – or a plan B – for its drive in playing the mobile sector field.

Given that the Surface hasn’t exactly lived up to projected sales forecasts and expectations, it appears that its woes are borne from the popularity of Apple’s iPad, along with the steady popularity of tablet options by Samsung, Acer and other tablet brands.

While Microsoft’s stance against a plan B is hardly a major cause for concern for the overall mobile market, the move doesn’t bode well in terms of how the company can justify the cost of pushing and marketing the product.

As opposed to a plan B, Microsoft maintains its stance on continuing to release the Surface based on the innovations and enhancements its new operating system has.

While it is true that Windows 8 is indeed more immersed for tablet-hybrid-pc devices, one fact remains: there are more iPads found available in retail venues than Microsoft’s Surface, even with its featured Windows 8.

What say you? Should Microsoft actually reconsider their current course of action regarding the Surface, or are they on the right track in winning more iPad users to Windows 8’s side?

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