The World's First ever iPhone 5 Review – Before it is announced! (Photos)

After getting the lost iPhone 4 prototype last year, we thought it would be difficult for Gizmodo to do something similar this year, but instead they out did themselves by posting the first iPhone 5 review before the actual announcement date.

The question is, how did they do it? And the answer is simple and rather obvious, they used the physical mockup that was created based on rumors we have heard. We posted about the mockup a few days ago if you remember.

They didn’t wait for any reviews about the actual phone and went ahead and did one on the mockup that they had. The mockup even had the iOS 5 and the iCloud loaded on it. They believe that even though their review is based on a mockup it wont differ massively from the actual review when it comes out.

Interested to read their review? Click here.

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