Three iPhone Tips and Tricks worth knowing about

As a mobile, the iPhone is a fully-featured device that is capable of doing all sorts of things, from snapping pictures, browsing web pages, and handling enhanced modern communications.

Fully-featured as iPhones are, there are some tips and tricks which every iPhone user is not aware of, extending the iPhone’s functionality and benefits.

Here are three iPhone tips and tricks worth knowing about.

“Vibra-Caller ID” – the iOS 5 operating system which runs in most iPhones comes with support-features for people with disabilities, with software/hardware highlights for visually impaired or hearing impaired persons.

One feature made for visually impaired persons takes shape in a “vibra-caller ID” feature, which basically arms iPhone users with the capacity to “feel” who is calling them. Custom or unique vibration schemes or patterns can be associated with certain contact numbers/details, giving users a different mode of identifying who’s calling them, apart from what’s “told” on an iPhone’s screen.

“Hands-free” Photo Taking – Apart from controlling an iPhone’s volume levels, users can actually use the iPhone’s headset as an alternative means for snapping photos.

For users with portable iPhone tripods, the utilization of this feature is quite nifty, and for those who have the tendency to shake or jar photo frame shots while pushing the capture photo button, opting to use the iPhone’s headset as the photo clicker limits the jarred effect when capturing stills.

When iPhones get lost – though not exactly a built-in feature/app, iPhone users will find the Find My iPhone app quite handy, given the app’s practical benefits for iPhone users.

For one, users can use the app in locating the whereabouts of an iPhone using a computer or any other supported device. A loud ring can be “remote controlled”, which would help users find where the iPhone was last left. It negates the process of having to open drawers and search under beds, when iPhones get lost.

The app can also be used to erase or wipe pertinent data, should an iPhone be parted from its owner.

The abovementioned tips and tricks work with the iOS 5.1 system installed, and if your iPhone is still not using it, it’s a good time to start updating your phone.

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