Tim Cook: Confident that Apple will see strong iPhone sales through to the new year

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, stated during the company’s conference call that they are expecting to hit an all-time record of sales for the iPhone in this quarter due to the strength of sales coming from the iPhone 4S.

Due to rumors regarding the iPhone 4S that have been going around the sales have declined. The sales dropped by 2.4 million, which was less than the company had expected. As the rumors spread the iPhone sales went down even more especially in the second quarter. This all lead to an amazing iPhone 4S launch, and leading to an astonishing 4 million iPhone units being sold over the weekend of the launch.

We all heard the increasing number of rumors about the iPhone 5 that were circulating the web before the Lets Talk iPhone event. This started after Apple missed its June introduction of new hardware and delayed it till October. A lot of sources were extremly sure that Apple was about to launch the iPhone 5 which was a completely resigned phone offering a larger but thinner design than the iPhone that is available now. We still do not know whether the rumors about the iPhone 5 were true or not, and if there will be an iPhone that look like that in the future. As for now Apple have decided to stick with iPhone 4 design and launch the iPhone 4S, which seems to have been a great move for the company.

Cook expressed confidence in Apple’s plan for the new product, the iPhone 4S, with it being available  in seven countries and an additional 22 countries coming online by the end of this month. And that the sales for the iPhone during the second calendar quarter would be somewhere above 20.34 million units. He states that Apple has already issued strong guidance of $37 billion in total revenue for the current quarter, obviously not surprising that the iPhone 4S has contributed a large sum of that revenue.

The company is expecting to see strong sales for the iPhone all the way through to the end of this year. So all in all, great news for the iPhone 4S.

Via Macrumors

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