Tips for IOS 5 developers

Mobile devices are the center of multiple application development efforts of all kinds. Here a few tips for developers on IOS.

Games, wizards, news reporting and travel assistance, weight loss and more, but among the hundreds of new applications that appear days to day many are poorly designed or have few advantages not for lack of intention but for programming errors, for that reason here are some tips that can help a developer to be successful with your application.

The first is simplicity. The best way to get a successful application and numerous downloads is creating a tool that performs its function precisely and quickly, it is not necessary that a single application to do all the work. On the contrary, usually the most downloaded applications are the most simple in its approach.

A brief demonstration. It is important that the user can play around and test the application prior to overwhelm them with registrations and requirements. Do not force them to leave your application to register, much less force them to do anything before they can try some of the tools and see if it really interests them.

Updates. Launching the application should only be the beginning not the end. Read reviews, updates and make the changes necessary to attract the public.

Upload speeds. Try to speed up your application, as mobile phone users do not like having to wait to load for an app, we wait on the computer long enough to be in front of the screen of a mobile phone to be wanting to use an app or game.

Take care of the design and do not be a designing spammer. These last two recommendations go hand in hand. The mobile phone users have a certain edge for sensing of a design and aesthetics so do not offer them a badly done app, much less do any promotions on their walls or create codes to share your app on social media. If your application is good than users will not hesitate to recommend it on its own.


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