Top 10 Best Dating Apps for iPad

Let’s face it, getting a date can be quite a challenge. It’s when your options are limited, that your prospects seems like finding a needle in a haystack.

For iPad users however, things maybe looking good. With the right apps, getting yourself someone to talk to over dinner and wine and what-not may be just a matter of a tap or two on your i-device. Of course, let’s be honest, it’s no assurance you’ll meet the love of your life.

So bring out those iPad mini keyboard cases, and fast, here’s 10 iPad apps that could land you your good fortune.
1. Coffee Meets Bagel

This a new kid on the block. As a novelty app, Coffee Meets Bagel holds a lot of promise by making your selection simple – and less traumatizing. The app gets people with common mutual friends connected. If the match pleases you, all you have to do is “like” it and the app goes autopilot, establishing contact with the desired individual via text. To decline, users can just ignore the text within 24 hours. No hassles.

2. Blendr

This one’s direct to the point. A social networking dating app made by Blendr LLC, all you have to do to get hooked up is browse through member profiles and choose. With Blendr’s Anonymous chat, you could be out on a date in no time.

3. Tinder

Another smartly-built social networking app to increase your chances of landing a date yet keeping your identity secure. With Tinder, you establish contact by liking someone in the profile of users. Once liked back, you can then start chatting directly in-app.

4. Tingle

It’s easy to play Tingle to get hooked up! Just utilize radar and check-in to nearby locations feature and boom, a list of Tingle members, potential partner-dates, in your particular area is displayed. Start winking and pretty soon you’d be out to have a good time. For the more adventurous you, click on “matches” giving you a wider option of users with similar interests.

5. Lulu

A product of Alexandra Chong, this is ladies only and could be the bane of the male species. Lulu provides a place where girls can compare notes about their men dates and what-not and put things into writing (i.e., review and tips). Great for women, scary for adventurous men.

6. Hot or Not

Well, why not incorporate FaceBook into it? With Hot or Not, you can choose from FB profiles of singles in your area who could be wanting to hook up. Just swipe through. Don’t worry your identity won’t be shown until the “feeling is mutual” and they “like” you too.

7. Down

Be on your toes, this app used to be known as “Bang with Friends”. Now, that name seems to get down to business right off the bat. Just like Hot or Not, you get a choice of the opposite sex from FB profiles who you want to “bang” with. With a subtle difference, Down will send an email notification.

8. Badoo

You can chat all you want and your identity’s secure with this social networking dating app Badoo. Once things gets more heated, you may then decide to show each other’s picture. And you can take it from there.

9. Skout

Like a true scout soldier, Skout gets you the leads so you can land on a good date in the shortest span of time – without blushing. With over 5 million users, this app has become one of the biggest online dating platforms. To pair up, just explore the “Meet me” feature and see who’s ready to hook up. To increase chances, send wink bombs getting you knocking into the hearts of 500 women. And more, just shake your device and Skout gets you someone to get comfy with in a chat – in less than 30 seconds or less.

10. Ok Cupid

A social networking app offshoot of the dating site this app’s been dubbed as the Google of online dating sites. No joke. Take the usual browse-through to search for date material or just go crazy with Ok Cupid’s crazy blind date.

Feeling in need of a hug? These apps could be your best bet to get one.

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