Top 10 iPad Apps for Engineers

Engineers are an exacting breed; and an iPad fits right to any budding engineer’s need – like water to a thirsty camel. Many a-skyscraper and plenty a-bridges would not have seen the light of day had engineers slept on the job. True. Take the Roman rise to empire for instance.

And you may ask: What iPad apps should be an engineer’s most trusted tool? Let’s face it, when he’s down there in the sewers or up there in the Dubai Tower tinkering, he won’t have the luxury of a laptop or the might of a PC. Well these days, the solution can simply be a tap on his i-tablet.
ipad apps for engineers
Though we may not know how exactly a genius of an engineer would make the most out of an i-device (with an iPad mini keyboard case or not), we’re pretty sure the following apps are an engineer’s MVR (Most Valuable Resource) – when push turns to shove.

1. AutoCAD WS

Any engineer worth the salt would have come across AutoCAD, that reliable design software – whether it be designing watches for Timex or getting the bare-bone structures of the tallest building in New York. AutoCAD WS lets you view, edit and when you need to, share those DWG, DWF and even DXF files via iPad. And even work over the drawings when internet is out.

2. TurboViewer X

TurboViewer X makes all those DWG files available for almost all platform – in 2-D or 3-D. With this app, you won’t have a problem viewing your drawing files via FTP, iCloud, Dropbox and all the other cloud-based systems. Plus you will have the flexibility of multi-touch navigation (i.e., zoom, pan, orbit).

3. Finger CAD

For those engineers who want to create new designs, Finger CAD won’t disappoint. Name it, bridges, geometrcal figures, bolts and nuts or whatever conceivable engineering design he wants. He can have his fill. Right via iPad.

4. Engineering Unit Conversion

No need to fuss about converting all those engineering-centric units of measure. Engineering Unit Conversion does the job, and does it clean. So if you’re talking about gauge pressures and temperature. No sweat.

5. Engineering Professional

Now for all the practicing engineers and all those who engineering wannabes, here’s the bulk of over 650 formulas conceived in engineering. Be it in hydrology, civil, mechanical or electrical. So you won’t have a problem calculating those pressure points, or those loads to make any design fit to last as long as it should be.

6. Mechanical Engineer

Here’s one that is designed for all those mechanical engineers who want to make things work at their optimum best (e.g., elevators, gears, internal combustion, heat transfer). You won’t miss a heartbeat with over 70 area formulas and about 300 mechanical engineering formulas.

7. TouchCalc

Ok. So the number-crunching computations scare you. Take TouchCalc and you won’t be disappointed. With three mode to choose from: scientific mode when you want standard functions (e.g., power, roots, logarithm); bit/integer mode when you work on logical operations; statistics mode (e.g., mean, variance, standard deviation).

8. Graphing Calculator

Now here’s putting all those scientific numbers into a high-resolution function plotter. With its quickness in plotting and getting a trace on multiple equations putting it on one same graph, Graphing Calculator is a blessing for engineers and scientists.

9. LuxCalc Fluid Prop

This one’s a liquid expert. It gives the engineer who wants to do a thermal analysis of a given fluid, the vital details he would need (e.g., absolute viscosity, specific heat) in a jiffy.

10. HVAC Professional

For all the HVAC details this app will give you, HVAC Professional deserve a medal of honor. All told, 200 HVAC formulas with distinct 18 charts, along with the International Mechanical Code. Top that with a long list of sections (i.e., loads, pumps, boilers, airside) and there’s no doubt this app is a winner.

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