Top 10 iPad Apps For Party People

What would a life be without a party? Quite a drag, to be honest. But same goes true for a party without a life. Talk about a waste of time (not to mention attire).

Well, luckily, we need not look far. The answer could be found in that i-device located in its suitable iPad keyboard case in front of you: your iPad. Promising as it is, the iPad can be your best tool to a “kickass” party. Here are 10 of the reasons why:
iPad Apps For Party People
Reverse Charades (Free)

Here’s charade with a twist. And my, what a wonderful twist it is. For ages, partygoers have enjoyed charades, the game where everyone guess on a pantomime. This app puts that most-enjoyable game higher by a notch.

Conversation Cards ($1.99)

Here’s an iPad app that not only shows you how to get the conversation started, it helps you get the conversation going. With this app, you need not worry about those dreaded awkward moments. A true sine qua non.

Kara’s Party Ideas ($1.99)

Now, here’s the best method to come up with great celebrations especially for your kids even when you’re short of time. Noted author Kara Allen gives you the result you want in a step-by-step no-nonsense guide. Awesome!

Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide ($4.99)

What’s a party without food? No need to press that panic button though. Holiday Recipes shows you just how to do prepare those mouth-watering foods complete with pictures and guide. And get those cooking get your guests’ attention right from the table.

Phoster ($1.99)

Now, for your party, you don’t just get the word out, you get the word out in style! With Phoster’s exquisite typography and a variety of customized options (i.e., from wedding to birthdays) you never run out of ideas how to advertise your planned event.

WeddingHappy (Free)

Weddings can be such a tremendous pressure for the bride and groom pair with all the overwhelming detail. This is what makes WeddingHappy special. Just enter your dream wedding date and the app will get all those details ready for you – complete with date and the nittygritty. With this app, keeping things on track for your ‘big day’ becomes a walk in the park.

Mixologist ($0.99)

This is your carry-everywhere bartender. With Mixologist you get a key on how to do any cocktail mix and party concoction you want, from Long Island Ice Tea to Shirley Temples. Added to this, the app can help you come out with the best possible mixes given the mixers you have on the table.

Djay ($4.99 )

Music sets the mood of the party. With an interface that looks just like DJ turntable deck, all you have to do is scratch the screen of your iPad, add effects to tweak your music the way you like it. Great way to do live mixes!

Karaoke Anywhere (Free)

Everyone wants to get those vocal chords stretched and their songs heard once the drinks start to flow. Who needs extra hardware or rent one if you have your Karaoke Anywhere. You get access to hundreds and hundreds of karaoke songs. With video out to TV you get to have everybody follow you plus have the option of recording your song for future reference or embarrassment – more often than not.

Pro Party Planner ($4.99)

If you want a comprehensive all-in-one planning tool, here it is. At less than a man-burger’s cost. Party planning is no joke and is no kid’s stuff either. Making those faces light up with fun and laughter seem all natural but the preparations are a boatload to put it mildly. That is why many hire pro’s to do the tinkering for them. With Pro Party Planner from Zysco, you get to focus on the details (e.g., décor, party favors) without losing a sweat. Truly amazing!

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