Top 5 Chess Apps for iPad

For serious chess players, there is no joy greater than seeing your opponent’s face squirm as he looks into the board and senses the beginning of his demise. It is a glorious, glorious moment indeed.

However, such may no longer be a luxury for today’s chess players. With iPad and smartphones around, all you need is the right app (and internet) to get you matched-up with somebody miles and miles away. Of course, in this modern set-up, everything’s donned in a masquerade, seeing your opponent’s face is a luxury of the past. Sadly.
Chess app
Although hundreds of apps vie for the title of ‘Most Wanted’,discerning chess players flocked to the best. Below are the chess apps for the iPad that have made a lot more people spend hours and hours on end dishing out strategy after strategy – attacking and defending their embattled ‘king’ pieces.

Of course, getting your iPad on that sleek iPad keyboard case is a luxury – most befitting for the titanic clashes of a chess game.

If you really want to win more in the game of chess and push yourself up, could be it for you. Its features will sharpen your moves like no other. Designed so you may hook up with a variety of players online from different parts of the world, you will soon realize a new meaning of winning. The app provides needed tutorials that are handy in keeping up with all the plethora of new Grand Masters. And if you want put speed into the mix, will not disappoint. You can go on a blitz game. And still be able to assess all your moves later.

Another good thing about the app is the fact that you can even taunt your opponent while playing. Of course, such a feature would be helpful if the name of your opponent is not Gary Kasparov or a GataKamsky for that matter.


This one gives you modes specifically catered to different needs of many chess players. The first mode caters to the newbies. If you are still trying to make your first moves, the Beginner mode will get you off to a good start. And if you are in for a ‘good fight’, the Grandmasters mode will get you the opponent you need – not a breeze. Truly this app spells fun for just $0.99.


This one gets you the credit you deserve and the opponent you need. To enjoy this app, you need to register and create your account. More importantly, you are given an ELO rating based on your past wins and losses. Everyone can see that. Also, it’s very convenient when you want to challenge somebody. You will know firsthand, what you’re up against. Or roll the dice a bit by taking in a random opponent. Truly not bad for an app worth $0.99.

Chess Free HD

If simplicity has its merits, Chess Free HD made sure it is on display. There is a good chance for you to match strategy against an AI, granting that is your cup of tea. Of course, challenging a friend is easy when you go to multiplayer mode. And if you’re just learning the ropes, the Undo Move feature is heaven-sent. Plus, this app’s graphic and audio features are sure to wow you.

Chess Pro

Now, this one is for chess master. If you are truly serious about gaining that Grand Master status or is preparing for the match of your life, look no further Chess Pro is right to the cut. This one will cost you more ($7.99), but with all the opponents of caliber for the choosing – from 500 ELO rating to as high as 2500 – the price is a bargain.

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