Top 5 iPhone Apps for Investors and Traders

When you talk about making the most of a deal in a stock market scenario or what-not, reliability is a backbone that will give you a good start. Wading through the numbers and making sense of it requires talent and to a large extent experience, true, but the wrong data is bound to lead you nowhere – no matter your business acumen. Therefore, getting yourself the right apps is key to the success of your financial adventure.

There’s no sense in getting into untested waters when it comes to investing – unless you got money to burn. Here’s a slew of reliable apps that have passed the test of time, serving you your purpose when you need them most. And the best part is these are available for the two most predominant universes in gadgetry: iOS and Android. So don’t be shy, you can let your i-tablet out, complete with its sleek iPad mini keyboard.

This is like twitter but with a focus on the investing side. Complete with real-time newsfeeds, stock-related and market-related tweets, this can easily become your fave app in no time.

And as promise this app is available both for the Android ecosystem and for the iOS universe.


With beautifully-laid out visuals of pertinent chart and stock quotes, decision-making and grabbing of a good deal becomes a lot easier with StockTouch. This app is useful in extremely up or extremely down days looking at the stock market. So it becomes a cinch looking at any major stock going against an established trend.

Yahoo! Finance

This is one very useful app, a timely app indeed, with all the input and needed functionality. Though, you may find some of its features present in the Scutify app. Still a pretty useful must-have piece of utility tool.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

As a broker app to do serious trading, TD can easily find its way to your heart. With a profound and largely intuitive back-up support, you’d be off to trading in no time.


That this is a solid app for a serious trader is easy to see. You can see the technology so pronounced in this app. Though the complexity may get in the way to your surfing. Yet, it’s one app so hard to do without.

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