Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making and Sharing Videos

There’s something about moving pictures that make them more fun to watch than just still ones. Classic example: YouTube. And also thanks to this demand, a plethora of video-making and sharing apps are the latest to hit town.

With many of these apps putting their best foot forward, it might prove a challenge arriving at what’s best for you. So far, there have been a few who has created a large following, much like Instagram’s success with photos. Vine is one example. Perhaps this is also the reason why in hindsight, Instagram has decided to add mini-videos as part of its service repertoire.
ipad apps for video
However, though Vine has caught on, its video service is to say the least elementary as it offers nothing to jazz up your fave videos a little bit. Unlike Instagram’s filters and many editing capacity. But of course, the Directr app is a totally different story. Could be a good reason why you should be putting your i-tablet on its sleek iPad mini keyboard case. All ready to roll. Here’s a mouthful:


For starters, here’s a twist. Pixorial, maker of Krowds, utilizes location as a point of reference for their social mobile video app. So people from the same landmark or event can share their stories through their videos. Then getting started is just a matter of hooking up with a group of users near your location. In short, joining a Krowd. And that’s as easy as ABC.


You may find this video app a little simplistic for lack of editing prowess: no trimming, no effect filters and if you’re looking for utilizing existing clips in your fave camera roll you’re going to have a heartache. Yet, this app is a rising star. Proof to this is Twitter’s recent purchase of the app. Well, you’ll have to get use of its current 6-second limit.


This could be Vine’s antithesis, making it more Instagram-like with a plethora of effect filters you can use with its in-app camera interface. No wonder many celebrities have made this app a fave. Talk about Madonna, MC Hammer and Soulja Boy. Best part is you get to post videos of unlimited length. Whew! No wonder this one’s been dubbed “the most talked about video app”.


This app went from being a virtual unknown to becoming rising star with Yahoo recently acquiring it. And rightly so. It gives you greater flexibility as it allows you to utilize those old videos sitting in your iPhone Camera’s roll. Unlike Vine and Instagram and most in this A-list. And you get to edit the media automatically putting in a soundtrack, for instance, in transition.


Not to be left out, Instagram has caught the fever and added video-sharing capabilities to its functionality. And as it has caught millions already with its unique offer, this app is poised to take the lead with a slew of video editing magic.


For a free app, this one rocks! Viddy allows you to give your videos needed tweaks via some Instagram-like filters. Added to this you get to put in the mix a music soundtrack. Cool! Not only do you get a slick interface that’s bound to give competitors a run for their money, Viddy sports a great web presence. You can choose to navigate through Viddy in its web form or via a more handy app. Topping this, you get the chance to post 30-second videos.

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