Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Deaf and Hearing-impaired

With the right apps, there could be a thousand and one things possible for somebody who is hard or hearing. Or for that matter, deaf. Here are 10 of the best.

#1. Dragon Dictation: Easily, this could be your best buddy in the selection. With its voice to text capacity, Dragon Dictation turns on the magic turning spoken language into easily-readable text.
Apps for the Deaf and Hearing-impaired
#2. Purple Communications: This is a great way to have phone calls. Yes, you heard us right. Phone calls. With Purple Communications, you enjoy the option of being connected to an operator who then reads your message to the receiving end. In response, the same operator then transcribes the replied messages back to you. Additionally, you can do a video call via this app. Better yet, leave a video message if the receiving end is not available.

#3. Clear Captions: This is one phone transcriber you dare not miss. With Clear Captions, you get your phone calls transcribed as they happen, in Spanish or in English. Utilizing a headset the text of the conversation gets displayed real-time. Via phone and internet-connected computer, the idea is basically like the captions you see on your fave movie: text as people talk so you can hear and read the discussion.

#4. Z4 Mobile: Another amazing option is this Z4 Mobile. This amazingly turns your iPhone or for that matter the iPod Touch into an instant videophone allowing both VRS calls and point-to-point calls in the process. Cool!

#5. Sorenson Video Center: With this app, users of Sorenson Video Relay Service get their videos from their videophone viewed on an iPhone or the iPod Touch. Sorensen Video Center acts like a bridge allowing access to videos, IP Relay services and get a relatively easy way to answer SignMail videos.

#6. iASL: This is one application that could eat up your storage real estate with its gargantuan 403 megabyte size. But as a comprehensive American Sign Language application which encompasses key services (e.g., video dictionary, translators, auto spelling correction).

This app is very ideal on an iPad parked on an elegant iPad mini keyboard with the bigger real estate of the i-tablet.

#7. TED+SUB: Your fave channel is dealt an upgrade that is most useful: subtitle, via this app. That is a generous access to today’s top industry thought-leaders. Added to this, you get to download TED talks for later viewing.

#8. Tout: This is Twitter for the deaf and hard of hearing. And the best part is this one’s completely free. You get to post a 15-second video on your FB or Twitter account via this app giving your socialization a boost.

#9. eBuddy: Another beautiful app that’s bound to get your social life a great lift. With a distinct interface to many communication services (e.g., Google Talk, Twitter, MSN), you get a shot at putting everything in one roof. Added to this, you get free calls and live IM chats over WiFi or 3G. Very convenient!

#10.Captionfish: Now for your viewing pleasure! Captionfish offers streaming movie trailers complete with caption. Perfect for the deaf and hard of hearing. Quite easily a favorite with its effortless search and capacity to display movie show times within 60 miles of a selected area.

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