Top Facebook Business Apps

For a business, not attending to one’s Facebook page may be a sin – a mortal sin to be exact. Talk about turning your back on a billion (and rising) possible clientele. Here are top facebook apps that your business should utilize to add value and thrive.

Of course, you could decide to take the long route and sift through the multitude of FB apps yourself. On the other hand, you could take our word for it and save yourself the hassle.

Then again, convenience is a relative word. For instance, many may find an i-tablet as unwieldy without a real keyboard (i.e., especially for an entrepreneur). It is exactly for this reason that a lot of budding Apple-holics have found real comfort in the iPad keyboard case.
This is but a shortlist. However, this app bunch sure packs a punch, for business that is.

Meeting Room

In today’s hectic world where business transactions can be global, Meeting Room gets you the meeting you need without flying to a distant land. Go live via a face-to-face meeting using your webcam and get those business agreements in the bag. More so, this app gives you a white board so those needed photos or drawings may be shared conveniently even while you are in a video conference.

30 Boxes Calendar

This app gets you focused simply by putting your calendar of activities and to-do list right into your Facebook profile. Added to this, you get text SMS reminders right on your mobile. With 30 Boxes, you get to put your attention where it should be: growing a business bigger.


If you are running a poll in your page, then you might as well do it with style. Poll is here to get you the numbers without losing the pizzazz (i.e., pictures, videos, and graphics).


Have you been into a situation where you find something that is really good to post on your FB page but you need to post it at a later time for some reason? This app is you answer. LaterBro allows you exactly that. Just set the calendar, key in the time you want and let the app take care of the details.

RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti gets those your RSS/Atom feeds posted right into your Facebook wall. Really convenient. So you will have more time expanding your business even more. And if you chose to, you can use the app to have multiple feeds posted on multiple walls.Amazing.

Stofefront Social

Here’s an ingenious way to turn your Facebook page into the hub of business: an ecommerce site. Yes, for those who have been thinking about ways to turn one’s FB into an enterprise of profit, look no further. With this app, you turn your social into a store where you can put your wares on display, online that is. Just add products manually or have them imported from any of your ecommerce site. Superb.

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