Top iPad Apps for College

There’s no telling how much an iPad can take load off your back in college. Especially when you’re still a newbie and everything around you is unsettling. The climb seem all uphill. And though you still can’t bring it during exams (unless it’s an invisible one), we’re pretty sure the i-tablet can raise your survival rate in an institute of formal learning a notch higher – granting you use it right, of course.
Sans the staple stuff (e.g., Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush), herewith are 10 of the best iPad apps that should make your academic existence more palatable than most. Life on campus is one big adventure as your Friday nights will soon reveal; but like the jungles of Africa, it’s still the most adapted to the scholastic terrain that survives better. Luckily, apps like these could be just what you need to pass with flying colors.

So bring those sleek iPad mini keyboards cases out, and let the magic unfold.

iBooks (Free)

This one’s bringing you all the book in the world ever since man learned to write, right before your very eyes. OK. That was quite a definition and though it may be a little off-tangent, but by just a few percentages. This app not only gives you an e-book reader, it provides you with access to an almost limitless e-book marketplace. And if you want access to free reading, you’ll have all the books to last a lifetime: Project Guttenberg.

Plus, you get to enhance your reading experience (i.e., highlight important text, find a word’s meaning). It’s like having a super-large library in the palm of your hands.

Facebook (Free)

Conceived, fought over, implemented right in the corridors of Harvard, it’s no wonder this app has become the foremost social networking site for college students. And numbers do tell: over 1 Billion accounts worldwide and counting. If you are wanting to increase your circle of friends or feel chatty with a kin, then FB is the way to go.

Twitter (Free)

Here’s another social app that should get your Friday night more of the sizzle. Facebook may have the momentum going, but with hashtags and all the new developments Twitter is cooking, tweets may outgun likes in the long run. The good thing is this app could also be a learning tool. Just remember to follow those key lecturers and vital accounts. In time, your news feed will give your college life the academic boost you need.

Blackboard Mobile (Free)

Now, here’s one you should grab immediately – granting your school uses Blackboard. If not, then you lose out big time in getting vital updates. Analogy: being late during exams always. That bad.

Todo for iPad ($4.99)

Now, if you want to manage your day or have some sort of a personal secretary, then nothing delivers better like Todo. You’d be amazed with its stunning graphics and great UI. And more importantly, to not miss those important appointments (e.g., lectures, seminars, deadlines).

Penultimate (Free)

Here’s something handy. When you want to jot things down and you don’t have the luxury of getting a pen much less a keyboard, Penultimate is your man for the day. Kazaam! Notebook in your hand. And yes, no need for ballpens. Your fingers will do. So you don’t miss a word.

Quickoffice Pro HD ($19.99)

Oh, here’s a good one. QuickOffice Pro HD gives you nothing less than the whole MS-Office suite for your iPad. Really cool. So you won’t have viewing and creating Word/Excel/PowerPoint files. It may not offer full functionality but it’s more than any college student will need.

OmniOutliner ($19.99)

This one gets to the essence and helps you absorb what is the meat of any college discussion. OmniOutliner transforms your notes into outline form making a class lecture or seminar easier to digest.

Pear Note ($4.99)

There are times when you just can’t keep up with a class or a lecture and you’d want to review things at a better time. Well, Pear Note to the rescue. With advanced technology, this app puts on record all those important nuggets of knowledge. The good thing is you can tap at any part of your notes and you can hear the lecture on that particular portion.

iA Writer ($0.99)

Here’s a writing app that lets you focus on the writing and not on the many aspects of the app – as many writing apps tend to do. And when you’re done, just sync it via iCloud or Dropbox and you can access your file from just about anywhere.

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