Top iPad Apps for Streaming Music

With all the wonderful music out there, streaming music on your iPad maybe the best option for you. Though, it’s highly likely you’ve already chosen to save some fave tunes in your i-device. A little closer to your heart, perhaps. We’re all guilty of that.

But to expand your listening pleasures and get you the groove you want, may take more than just putting some MP3’s or MP4’s or MP5’s in. At the rate the music industry’s going, that is. Good thing, iTunes have your back covered in this department. Not only will you be able to stream music for free, you can even chose to create your own radio station. How’s that for starters?
iPad Apps for Streaming Music
So, before the next hit of twerky Miley Cyrus take the country by storm (if ever) and top the charts, make sure your i-tablets are ready for it. Put on those elegant iPad keyboard case, everyone, here’s your gateway to the world of never-ending music:


If you’re hungry for radio music, then you can’t go wrong with IHeartRadio, home to over 1,500 live radio stations. Name it and you got it. From pop to jazz, talk to news radio. Everything’s covered. You get access to nearby radio stations and listen to whatever genre you can think of. The beauty of IHeart is you get to enjoy your kind of music without subscription and even create your own set of personalized radio stations to boot.

Pandora Radio

If there was a hierarchy of sorts in this list, chances are Pandora Radio will be one of the strongest contender for the top spot. What could be its most attractive feature is allowing you to get your kind of music just by choosing your fave artist or song. With Pandora’s powerful database you get a personalized play list in no time. The down side: The app’s supported by ads. But with the magic of subscription you should be able to do away with the unwanted propaganda and even obtain clearer audio.


This one is like Pandora, only on steroids. No kidding. You not only get to create a custom radio station based on a song or a choice artist, you can grab your fave tunes by streaming to a specific music and creating your own personalized playlist. With a slew of genre-based radio stations built right in, it’s no wonder why Spotify has become a household word in a short time. Add you FB account in the mix, and you’ve opened sharing to all your friends – on the fly.

This one’s perfect for you had it not been leaning on the “pricey” side of things. Yes, this one might cost you more. But with the quality service, it may well be worth parting your cash with.

Slacker Radio

What makes Slacker Radio a stand-out is its finely-crafted custom radio station. It’s easy to lose the whole day trying to navigate through all the channels with dozens of cool artists embedded in. Plus with live radio stations, talk, news and sports radio, Slacker’s one app that’s tough to beat.


This is Spotify before there Spotify ever existed. Aptly redecorating itself, from a purely streaming website to becoming a launch pad of their own music network, Mog has caught the hearts of millions of music lovers in the continent. And like Spotify, you are given access to its vast database of tracks for a subscription fee. But that’s peanuts when you look at the millions of tracks ready for the taking.

TuneIn Radio

If you’re a streaming purists, TuneIn can be your easy favorite. This one could be the perfect companion to Pandora. With a very easy-to-use interface, you’d be surrounded by the world of music in a jiffy. The good thing is you won’t be caught in limbo trying to tell which artist is on, as the song title and its corresponding artist gets displayed just below the radio station. With over 70,000 radio stations to boot, this one’s a winner.


With the price tag of $14.99 on a monthly basis, Rdio could be in the running as the most expensive of the bunch. But what it introduces to the party is its flair for social media. With Rdio, you get an enhanced method to share your music to your best friends buddies just by connecting with your FB account.


This one’s sounds like magic and it is. Whilst it may not be able to stream music, what it does is nothing short of fancy. It’s a music discovery app that identifies music playing nearby. So if you’re out flexing your muscles in the gym and a iPod-toting babe passes along with a lovely tune, Shazam will decode the song for you, telling you its title and the artist with a tap on your i-tablet. Partnered with Rdio, Shazam is a must-have for aspiring music-lovers, no doubt.

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