Top iPad Apps to Boost Your Finances

Funny thing about money: it’s easy to go into complaining-mode when you have less of it; however, in times of plenty getting a lid on things seems to be the last thing on our mind. Talk about wrong psychology. Let’s face it though. We need to be more adept in keeping our finances healthy. There are plenty of well-wishers and a plethora of hopefuls in the streets leading to becoming officially ‘broke’. Just thinking of it should send shivers down one’s spine.

Good thing, iPad can be your best buddy in promoting or pursuing vibrant financial health. In this regard, your i-device not only becomes your game-center, it also becomes your financial advisor – minus the mouth of course. Sounds like all the more reason for anyone to get their fave tablet comfy on an iPad keyboard case.
iPad Apps to Boost Your Finances
Here are the top iPad apps that have proven to be most helpful in getting you to the road towards better money management. And though there are literally thousands and thousands of apps (most of the reading and gaming kind), the following apps have stood a head higher to other apps when it comes to financial literacy.

Compoundee HD ($1.99)

If you are not too careful about compound interest, it can pull your finances down without you knowing it. Compoundee HD to the rescue. Basically, a financial calculator that is easy-to-use, this app allows you to calculate up to 5 distinct investment variables on a weekly, daily or yearly period. Needless to say, this app fits mortgage brokers, real-estate agents and bankers like the palm of their hands.

Kayak (Free)

This one may not be your Math whiz to calculate financial statements and all. But this app can help you save a lot when you talk about airfare. Combined with the iPad’s large-screen display, this one is a winner.

Trapster (Free)

This one shows you where the danger zones are so you know when to step on the gas or not. Trapster is made up of over 7 million users giving vital info on speed traps, police check points and speed zones. With this kind of info, you don’t waste time and valuable finances paying up for speeding or the lack of it. Neat!

Bloomberg (Free)

If you are into stocks, is running a business, Bloomberg is heaven-sent. This app gets you into the front seat of the ins and outs of the market (e.g., stock quotes, price charts, trends, analysis). As the saying goes: forewarned is forearmed.

Grocery IQ, (Free)

This mobile app gets your shopping mapped out. With its mobile sync and share you’ll never worry you and your wife brings home a whole galloon of ketchup on the same night. Added to this, the app can scan bar codes, locate coupons and send them right up to your very own loyalty card. The app keeps tracks of your purchases per store helping you save more.

Epicurious (Free)

Many may raise an eyebrow as to why we included a digital cookbook in this list of financial savers. The app itself contains 28,000 proven recipes. Now, if you really want to save some, home cooking should be your personal motto. Something which this app is best known for.

Zillow (Free)

Real estate – buying or selling – is what Zillow is all about. If you want to know the best buys anywhere in the country, you should have Zillow in your device. Search by city and you have made all homes available for sale for your immediate comparison and pursuit. A great saver, if you want to get the best value for your money – which happens to be most of us.

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