Top iPhone 5 Concept Designs (Photos)

The iPhone 5 is the much awaited device in this period and that because of the too many rumors of the iPhone 5 release date ,the iPhone 5 photos, the iPhone 5 specifications and others.In this post we collected the top iPhone 5 concept designs.

Too many designers are interesting in the iPhone 5 and they made a wonderful concepts for how iPhone 5 will look like.

iPhone 5 Photos:

1-The iPhone 5 Concept from NAK the French design studio


2-The iPhone 5 Concept from ADR Studio the Italian design firm

3-The iPhone 5 Concept from Polish design studio Midsailors

4-The iPhone 5 Concept from Federico Ciccarese and as you see Federico Ciccarese has merged the iPhone 4 with a MacBook Air and called it iPhone Air


5-The iPhone 5 Concept from Moldavian designer Roman Vladimir Sima


6-The iPhone 5 concept by Alternative Industries without any button

7-The iPhone 5 concept from Guilherme Schasiepen

8-The iPhone 5 Concept from Kazi Shahriar Ahmed from Bangladesh


9-The iPhone 5 Concept from Joy Studios , Same as iPhone 4 but with no home button

10-The iPhone 5 Concept from Pietro Schirano


11-The iPhone 5 Concept from Antonello Falcone


12-The iPhone 5 Concept from design company Designed by Item


13-The iPhone 5 Concept iPhaze

iPhone 5 Release Date:

When iPhone 5! We thought that this words is the most popular in all search engines .Apple supposed to launch the iPhone 5 on this October after releasing the iOS 5 on the end of September.

iPhone 5 Price:

The too many concepts and rumors let the people thought the iPhone 5 price will be too expensive but we do not think so, we thought that Apple will release the iPhone 5 at price not far away from the price of the iPhone 4.