Top Weather Apps for iPad

Definitely, the weather’s a hard nut to crack. Thanks to an i-tablet, however, chances are, you could get out of harm’s way with just a few taps. And though, it may not boast of a basic weather app akin to its not-so-distant cousin, the iPhone, still, the iPad can be your best bet for timely information, when the skies seem bent on putting your day upside down.

Yes, with the help of iPad weather apps listed below, you may not have to end up all sour and grumpy. Soon, you’ll realize, nothing beats an impending weather disaster than information right at the touch of your hand. So free those i-tablets from its hiding places and perch them on those marvelous iPad mini keyboard cases.
ipad weather apps
The Weather Channel for iPad (free)

This one is a tremendously-helpful source of needed information concerning weather conditions in an area. With its detailed 10-day forecast, an hour-by-hour forecast on a current day, maps filled with key data (e.g., news, videos, precipitation radars), this one is pretty solid. Not only does it alert you of impending disaster but it does so with elegance and class.

Only cons: above-averaged ads, takes time to load.

Weather Live ($3.99)

This one’s a mainstay for both the iPhone and the iPad so it’s pretty universal. With an easily-customizable screen, you’d be surprised at the number of basic information immediately available for your given area (e.g., humidity, temperature, weekly forecast, pressure, precipitation, visibility and more). Frankly, most users may find all these data as more than enough but Weather Live has more: maps showing clouds, satellite, rain. All in all, this is one app that’s tough to beat.

Magical Weather ($0.99)

For getting things in a very orderly way without putting up with too much ads, Magical Weather deserves a two-thumbs up. With an animated background displaying the week’s temperatures and vital info, added with one-swipe feature to reveal your hourly forecast, this app is a treasure-find, giving you the focus you need.

Intellicast HD (free)

With all the info you’re getting from this app and the way data is presented, Intellicast HD is surprisingly free-of-charge. It does not cram all weather info right out front and displays only what truly matters most. By giving you a full 10-day forecast complete with charts and graphs along with your daily must-haves (e.g., sun rise/sun set, moon rise, radar, wind direction), this app is a winner.

Peepometer ($1.99)

Well, this one puts a spin to it. Rather than putting the weather straight, Peepometer breaks the weather into “Peeps”, a figure-like on stick with added easter eggs. Still, it is a brilliant way to present the weather and its data are not wanting (e.g., barometer, compass, wind, weekly forecast). However, its quirkiness may not appeal to everybody.

Weather+ ($0.99)

Beautiful! That would be your first impression for this app. And it’s easy to say that looking at wonderful animated backgrounds Weather+ utilizes. Moreover, you get temperature and clock info right off the bat. Include a five-day forecast, daily weather breakdown, pressure, visibility and precipitation and this app’s bound to wow you. But if you look at the enormous file size it devours in your i-tablet (300 mbs), and a distinct lack of some vital weather information, this app could be wearing a shoe bigger than it has to. Still, this app is hard to disappoint you.

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