Toy Defense for the iOS – A different kind of strategy game

In re-animating the classic battles of World War 1, Melesta developed Toy Defense, a unique strategy game for iOS devices that tests its player’s skills as a military strategist and leader, as well as testing his mettle.

Designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Toy Defense’s premise starts with its players as a mere fighter, testing his or her skills for strategy and courage into becoming a leader.

Toy Defense for the iOS – A different kind of strategy game
Toy Defense for the iOS – Where Victory is based on Strategy

Featuring four historically accurate weapons, Toy Defense brings back the classic battles of World War 1, matched with a virtual environment that is fully tuned to the times of its setting.

Highlighting a total of 48 challenging levels, each Toy Defense level is designed to truly test a player’s capacity to make tactical decisions, leading troops to victory.

With nine variant enemies, the game also comes with support for OpenFeint and GameCenter, and is also designed to maximize the resolutions of devices with Apple’s infamous Retina Display.

Designed to work with the operation and input base of Apple’s touch screen devices, the game title is also built to ideally render graphics to satisfying tones, making it a title that is truly made for the iOS, testing and challenging the skills of its players in besting battle scenarios and level objectives.

Those who’ve always had a penchant for the classic World War 1 era, matched with a love for strategy games will find a lot in Toy Defense.

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