Transferring iPhone contacts to another iPhone – An iPhone User Tip

“How do I transfer my iPhone’s contacts to other phones?” is one question many iPhone users ask, typically AFTER the purchase of an iPhone is done, and AFTER the purchase of a second iPhone, like in the case of upgrading from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4S.

If the transfer of iPhone contacts remains to be a hurdle which stands in the way of your next iPhone purchase, here are some easy step by step procedures to help you transfer your iPhone’s Contacts to your newer iPhone unit.

Syncing Information

Before anything else, you must have either a Mac or a PC workstation with iTunes installed, and your iPhone USB Cable handy.

Start by initializing iTunes, and from the iTunes application’s tabs, go to the “Preferences” settings found under the “iTunes” menu (“Edit” if you are using a PC).

Verify information in the “Devices” tab, and make sure that there is a check in “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”. Doing this gives you more control over the sync processes you are about to undertake.

Plug in your iPhone, the one with the contacts, and initiate a backup/sync process. Typically, iTunes and the connected iPhone would require some verification from your part before data between the two are synced. For your purposes, click on the “Info” tab in iTunes, and check if “Sync Address Book contacts” is checked, and select “All Contacts”.

Accept the said options and click on “Apply” found on the bottom corner of the iTunes application.

After the mobile and iTunes have synced, disconnect it and connect the new iPhone. Wait for it to be detected, and verify the options noted above, picking out the sync option for address book contacts.

Click on “Apply” and iTunes would most likely ask you about overwriting data or merging information. Take the time to make your choice.

After iTunes is done synchronizing data, your old iPhone contacts would now be in your new iPhone.

Simple, easy and fast, the process isn’t really all the complicated. In fact, it doesn’t even stand to be a valid reason for you not to upgrade your old iPhone with a newer, better model.

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