Transportation Security Administration’s Apple-inclined intent

The Transportation Security Admission (TSA) is reported to be looking into investing a whooping $3 million on a thousand Apple mobiles and a thousand Apple computers, based on reports telling of recently discovered documents said to come from the TSA.

Based on a report which was posted in CNet, the TSA move is linked with the organization’s necessity for a secure mobile platform, which its computing pilot calls for as a need through the existence of the iOS environment.

The said documents note how mobiles like the iPad, iPhone, and AppleTV facilitates the quick training processes/presentation requirements. The documents also notes how beneficial these devices are for forensic investigations, and also tells a lot about how Apple gadgets would help in the production of video and graphics-driven presentations/productions.

Security testing is also noted to be a benefit which the TSA could gain from the use of Apple mobiles and computers.

With other mobile and computer operating system environments (with some actually cheaper in comparison to Apple’s wares), it’s not surprising to note that there have been a number of negative reactions over the TSA’s intent in actively taking in Apple-family gadgets and gizmos.

One reaction goes as far as touching up on how “internal TSA meetings” are going to be better, given that “that’s what they’ll be using those toys for, anyways”. The fact that the Apple security ecosystem stands to be ten years behind that of Windows (based on analysis from McAfee) has also led many to question why the TSA would opt for Apple as their primary system of choice.

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