Tweaking Your LinkedIn to Land You the Job You Want

If there is one app that can get you connected to millions and millions of professionals (225 million and counting) – not to mention CEOs and a host of decision makers – it’s LinkedIn. Not being able to make the most out of this app, is tantamount to the personal hijacking of your own career. Now, who would want to do that?

So if you want that dream job, the smart way to do it is to get connected.

Now, the idea seems a walk in the park. However, it is not enough to submit your name and your credentials and let LinkedIn do its job. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can do that. If you want to do it, you have to do what matters. Here are 5 essentials that should get you your dream job faster and cut you from a long, long wait list.
With LinkedIn, you get to have more legit reasons to get online and have those i-tablets out, neatly settled on a sleek iPad keyboard case (granting you are a certified Apple-holic).

1. Start by Completing Your Profile

To be hired, first you have to be noticed. A hastily-done profile will not get people to look into you, much less hire you. Making your profile as complete as possible is therefore the way to go. It gives you greater chances to appear in various searches by company headhunters or talent acquisition teams.

LinkedIn “Profile Strength” tool is a great indicator as to how strong your indicated profile is. Fill in what you have to become an “All Star” or get a 100% complete profile.
To help you achieve a more noticeable profile, spice up your headline. This is the first immediate data that people get to see. The goal is to make your headline to be catchy enough to grab people’s attention in 2 minutes or less.

Get your certifications lined up in your headline or any strongpoint that you have (i.e., current title).

Also, you need to upgrade your Summary Section. Make it long enough for people to read at a glance but short enough to draw more interest. It’s like a 60-second billboard ad in the freeway.

Lastly, to add to your Profile Strength, utilize keywords that would immediately make a recruiter’s head spin. Insert them in your headline and put them all over your summary section.

2. Network and Network Well.

It’s a no-brainer: The more people you are connected to, the more people sees you. So connect and widen that network of yours. Besides, a connection of less than 500 is telling of your LinkeIn disconnect.

To get you connected faster, use the search box. Type people you know. Or track down school acquaintances or past companies or organizations you use to join.

Importing your contacts from your email is also a good start.

3. Mind that Photo.

Pictures can speak a thousand words. This is no truer than in your LinedIn photo. People can easily spot you with a clean, professional photo. Putting a spooky or ghastly one is good, that is if you are wanting to be hired as a ghost for the sequel to “The Conjuring”. So measure up, nobody wants to hire a sales manager who is pouty in his/her LinkedIn photo.

4. Be Active. Join the Conversation.

This is an effective way to market yourself in LinkedIn. Use the “Share an Update” feature and share those write-ups or a useful link. People easily remember those that lend a hand along the way.

Added to this, get to follow key companies by liking them and sharing a comment on their updates.

5. Pile up those Recommendations and Endorsements

Lastly, LinkedIn has an honor system. People watching your profile can easily spot how liked you and your work is via endorsements and recommendations.

Now, getting recommended and endorsed seem tricky. However, what goes around comes around. If you are one who is wont to give one – be it a recommendation or an endorsement – chances are, people are more likely to give you one as well.

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