Updated: iMovie, Remote, and Find My iPhone apps for iOS 5

As we have mentioned in previous posts that Apple is updating all their apps to become compatible with their new software. We can now see that the  iMovie, Remote, and Find My iPhone have been updated for the iOS 5 .

The iMovie is updated to a version 1.2.2 which again is iOS 5 compatible. It now has enhanced support for videos imported from external cams.

The Find My iPhone is now updated to a version 1.3 which is obviously no compatible with the iOS 5. It now also has the ability to find your Mac and has the option to ask for an email notification when the device is located and online.

Remote comes in version 2.2 and the only update that it has is that it brings  iOS 5 support and the typical stability and performance improvements.

As per usual you will find all these apps in the Apple App Store, or you can just click on the direct link.


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