Use your iPad as a public kiosk

From last year with the widely spread of iPad all over the world many uses could be found for it in different ways,Now people can use iPad to in many purposes in different ways and it could be useful for them in their work or for their pleasure or even to help them in achieving their goal and make big success in small business they could start,In next few lines we will see how the iPad could be so helpful and useful in some way….

One such purpose is of using the iPad as a public kiosk. Kiosks are public displays which are generally used, well, by the public, for finding information. They are widely used at airports, museums, universities and, recently, at Apple Stores.

Two months ago, Apple Store 2.0 was introduced. The new breed of retail stores replaces paper cards with iPad 2s. Just about every item available for sale at the Apple Store is accompanied by an enclosed iPad 2 which displays information relevant to the item and also helps Apple sell more iPads.

If you want an iPad kiosk for yourself, we highly recommend nClosures’ iPad Kiosk Mounts and Enclosures. The enclosures are made from aircraft-grade aluminum in the USA and are designed keeping in mind Apple’s design principles. Each enclosure comes with a special key as well as a cable lock for maximum security.

All this security isn’t at the cost of functionality, though. The enclosures are radio-transparentso WiFi, Bluetooth and/or 3G can be used without a hitch. nClosure can customize your order allowing you to choose custom colors, laser etching etc. To keep the iPad powered, you can use the special cut out on the back panel.


The company behind the enclosures is nClosures, a design and manufacturing company based in America. Some of their recent clients include the likes of Disney, MIT Museum, Sheraton Hotels, Yamaha and, surprisingly, Apple themselves. You may go through photos of their enclosures in use here.

Using iPad as a kiosk is relatively more expensive than other solutions but there is no denying the fact the information comes across as more effective when its being displayed on a tablet as smooth as the iPad. If you’ve got the budget, then iPad-based kiosks are definitely a good idea.




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