uTorrent for Mac is getting better

Perhaps the powerful BitTorrent client for Windows is and will be uTorrent, but within Mac OS X it has not been quiet as smooth as it does not have the same features as the Windows version. While the client is no longer in beta, it has gradually moved closer to its counterpart, as of today uTorrent for Mac has support for RSS, programming for each of the downloads and a new interface that is fully optimized for tablets.

Already today, the latest version of uTorrent brings the changes needed to deal with other similar applications, especially it seems that it already has an advantage that it has become the favorite of many. uTorrent 1.5.11 will allow us to use RSS feeds of Torrent files we want to follow so every time an update is published, or there is a new file it will automatically begin the download of this particular file.

On the other hand, it is now possible to adjust manual downloads this is to maintain better control over them, and always have the opportunity to tell uTorrent if we want to start, stop, pause or limit the bandwidth speed of our Internet usage. Finally, the interface for remote use has been optimized for use with iPad and other tablets, so we can always control torrent downloads no matter where we are. If you were expecting an advanced client I think uTorrent is taking the right path.

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