Valve reported to be working on DotA 2 for the iPad

As a game title, Defense of the Ancients, more popularly known as DotA, takes a special place in gaming circles, one which follows after the success of Blizzard’s Warcraft 3.

A part of the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA genre of game titles, DotA 2 has long been enhanced and “pimped up” by Valve, making it one of the top MOBA game titles out there following after League of Legends.

Dota 2 in iPad
Still a big hit even years after it first came out, reports of Valve entertaining the thought of “porting” DotA 2 to the mobile platform had come out, telling of how an official version of the title for iPads and Android tables could be in store in the days ahead.

Reports from Kotaku note that Valve has actually been and is in the process of creating variants of DotA for tablets, confirmed by the statements of Gabe Newell, Valve’s head honcho.

“We were working on getting DotA 2 running on some tablets,” Newell is quoted to share.

“That ended up being kind of a disappointment. But the good news is that tablets are getting faster very quickly, so I think we’ll get the kind of performance we want and other game developers want in the near future.”

Given the popularity of tablets and mobile devices these days, a tablet version for DotA 2 doesn’t sound “off”.

In fact, it leads many to wonder why it hasn’t yet come out in the first place, considering that other MOBA titles, like Heroes of Order and Chaos by Gameloft, have been out for some time.

Either way, it appears that an iPad variant of DotA 2 may just be in store for gamers with iPads in the future.

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