Viber – The Skype Alternative for mobiles

With versions for iPhones and Android-driven mobiles, Viber has been gaining a lot of followers, with its enhanced take in voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) communications – phone calls AND mobile SMS.

Developed by Viber Media Inc, the app is designed to seamlessly integrate with an iPhone’s native address book or phone book, allowing users to use the app as though they were using the phone, as is.

Featuring “no in-application promotions” and “no in-application purchase features”, the app does away with the minor annoyances often hailing from such mobile app developer practices.

Working on a device’s built-in internet capabilities (via 3G or through WiFi Access Points), Viber breaks the bounds of communication, often defined by the cost of long distance calls and overseas text messaging rates.

With it, users no longer have to constantly check their mobile phone’s call and SMS feature usage frequencies (which translates to end of the month bill statements), since all it requires is net access to work its magic. Contact parties, however, should also have Viber apps and active Viber accounts for communications between parties to take place.

As a feature product-and-service, Viber simply puts practical use to a user’s “unlimited net access” plan, streamlining communications in one free internet-driven environment.

Given that most smartphone users would opt for unlimited internet data plans, Viber easily does away with cases when smartphone users can’t call back or send an SMS to contacts because of service subscription limits in terms of payments.

All in all, Viber brings and edge to the enhanced communication features of today’s leading smartphone options.


  1. Viber Team says:


    This is a member of the Viber R&D team.

    We are glad to see people are enjoying Viber. Please let us know if you have
    any questions/concerns.

    Please stay tuned for our new releases coming up soon.

    Viber team

  2. Hi Viber! Thanks for dropping by and keep up the good work!

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