Video Proof: iPhone 5 Prototype Switching GPUs? Video

Yesterday evening this video was posted by a tipster saying that it shows the iPhone 5. It you look closely you will find that the used is going into the System Settings, selecting the Developers tab and then switching the graphics processor. This suggests that the prototype  that was provided is to test the graphics performance.

If we remember correctly, early this year there was a rumor going round  that the iPhone 5 would have dual core SGX543 GPU. The video above shows the user switching between SGX535 and SGX545, which are graphic processors produced by Imagination Technologies.

If we look at what is currently available from Apple, we would find that the GX535 is currently used in the iPhone 4. The iPad 2 uses the PowerVR SGX 543MP2.

watch video below :

The other GPU is the SGX545, and  this is a high definition GPU optimized of 3D that was announced in January 2010. We know that Apple is a part owner of the company Imagination Technologies.

However, this could be a fake video and someone had just created a fake application, although if it were true then the iPhone 5 looks exactly like the iPhone 4.

via cultofmac