Vodafone Germany listing the iPhone 4S (Screenshot)

Over the past few days we have seen reports and posted them to you about the iPhone 5 appearing in inventories. Specifically the iPhone 5 appeared in Radio Shack and Cincinnati Bell websites, aiding rumors that have stated that Apple will release the iPhone 5 this Tuesday.

However, we can not grantee anything based on these inventory lists. We believe that the entries have been places depending on the same rumors that we have been hearing. But there is something else that we have found. The German mobile carrier Vodafone.de is now listing new iPhones on their website, these iPhone fit perfectly with rumors that we have been hearing, as you can see in the image below.

In a number of their accessory pages, Vodafone.de has listings of new iPhone models that meet compatibility requirements. These new models include:

– iPhone 4 Black (8GB)
– iPhone 4 White (8GB)
– iPhone 4S White (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
– iPhone 4S Black (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)

This screenshot comes from iPhone 4 Bumper, its Vodafone shop page that says is has compatibility with all the above devices.

Although there is still a slight possibility that these could just be a guess that the website has offered to portray, they aid rumors we have been hearing, things like:

That there will be a lower cost 8GB iPhone 4, and three iPhone 4S models.

Things seriously can not get any hotter  that this .. The Tuesday event is awaited by millions if not more.

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